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Nippon Paint LHPA0159W 5 Litres Matex WeatherGold Exterior Wall Paint - White

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Nippon Paint LHPA0159W 5 Litres Matex WeatherGold Exterior Wall Paint

Matex WeatherGold is a pure acrylic-based paint with non-added mercury which is specially formulated for exterior walls. This mid quality paint resists fungus, flaking and chalking. It provides good adhesion onto walls, has low dirt retention properties, and is durable against exterior weather. The product has been tested for safety, and it is suitable for home, office, and hotel.

Product Specification

  • Product feature: Reasonable durability against harsh weather, good chalking and flaking resistance, non-toxic, does not contain lead, mercy and heavy metals, fungus and algae resistance Matex WeatherGold exterior wall paint
  • Brush / roller: Dilute the paint with not more than 5% of water. Preferable not dilute for best performance
  • Touch dry / hard dry: 20-30 minutes / 45-60 minutes (Dependent on temperature and humidity)
  • Recoating interval: 2 hours (Dependent on temperature and humidity)
  • Dry film thickness: Around 30 µm per coat (based on substrate condition)
  • No. of coat(s): 2 coats
  • Theoretical coverage: 9-11 m² per litre per coat (Actual coverage is dependent on substrate condition, application method, application condition and finishing apperance)
  • Volume solid: ~35%
  • Shelf life: Up to 36 months in tight sealed container
  • Product volume: 5 litres
  • Origin brand: Nippon Paint