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Okatz LHPT0561B Okatz CF2300 High Speed Cutter Chop-Off Saw 14" Cutting Machine- Blue

RM 395.88

LHPT0561B Okatz CF2300 High Speed Cutter Chop-Off Saw 14 Cutting Machine- Blue

This product is powerful and safety enhanced which is use to cut hard materials . It has anti-rotation protective guard and it has excellent grinding and cutting performance. This product come with improved durability of gears and bearings, the spindle lock designed for easy wheel changes. This product come with blade. This product is given 6 months of warranty. The product has been tested for safety, and it is suitable for home, office, and hotel.

Product Specification

  • Product Feature: Used to cut hard materials 
  • Product Material: Stainless Steel
  • Product Voltage : 240V/50Hz
  • Blade Diameter: 355mm
  • No-Load Speed : 3900rpm 
  • Power : 2300W 
  • Product Size: 600(length) x 350(width) x 440(height)mm
  • Product Colour: Blue
  • Origin brand: Okatz contact-us.jpg