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Pentens LHPA0120 5kg T-100 Water-based PU Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane

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Pentens LHPA0120 5kg T-100 Water-based PU Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane

PENTENS T-100 is a specially produced PU bituminous waterproofing compound for use on both internal and external surfaces. It will bond perfectly to almost any surface such as concrete, masonry, metal, and timber. It may be applied to new or existing structures and will bond to a damp surface. It can also be mixed with sand to form a mortar of any desired consistency. It can be used for the floor slab, balconies, patios, bathrooms, RC gutters, planter boxes, swimming pools, water tanks, basement, and retaining walls.

All the surfaces must be clean, free from grease, oil, laitance, and remove all the dirt and contaminants, which might affect adhesion before application. The impurity outside the structure body should be cleaned thoroughly.
The substrate should be primed with a mixture of PENTENS E-10-A and PENTENS E-10-B. Brush on at the approximate rate of 0.2 kg/m². On areas exposed to hot drying winds. 2 to 3 thin coats of paint may be more successful than 1 thick coat. It is recommended for indoor areas that allow approximately 30 minutes or after the primer becomes tacky, then apply T-100. With a brush, roller, or spray method, apply the first coat of PENTENS T-100 on the application surface. The first coat should be applied in one direction only. If possible, the second coat should be applied at right angles to the first. Leave to cure for approximately 8 hours before applying the second coat.

The minimum ambient and substrate temperature is 5°C. Never apply more than 1 kg/m² of PENTENS T-100 in one single layer. Apply only to clean, sound substrates where surfaces should be well dampened but free of surface water and leaks. Thoroughly agitate contents before use. The product has been tested for safety, and it is suitable for home, office, and hotel.

Product Specification

  • Product feature: High elasticity, will bond to almost any surface, does not run or creep under any heat, resists a wide range of acids and alkalies, can be applied to a damp surface, odourless and produces no fumes PU bituminous waterproofing compound
  • Product material: Water-based 
  • Product volume: 5 kg
  • Origin brand: Pentens